ACCIDENT TOW - 0861 7623 99 or 083 792 0305

In the event of an accident all management fees and control will be diverted to FAM (First Accident Management).

This is a 24-hour service. The primary objective of the FAM tow truck fleet or FAM’s accredited tow contractor fleet is to tow a vehicle to the nearest franchised dealer (if under warranty) or to the nearest approved repairer. The service is available throughout South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. It is important to note that should you not make use of our accident tow services your cover will be limited to R3 500.00 per accident tow.


Assist Line - 0860 123 3279

Panic SOS - *120*880*4844#

• If your car or motorbike breaks down and requires towing, we will appoint a towing operator to tow your car or motorbike to either the nearest place of safety or nearest approved repairer. In the event of a tow taking place after hours, your car will be stored in a safe place until office hours.

• We only cover the call-out and first-hour labour charges. Further labour charges are for your account.

• The cost of materials, parts and fuel are for your account.

• If the call centre is unable to verify your policy, we will not pay for any costs. If we verify your policy details at a later stage, we will pay you back the call-out and first-hour labour charges.

• This service is limited to three breakdown towing incidents and any three other roadside assistance benefits for every continuous 12 month period.

• Any further assistance required will be for your account.


Accident Tow in 086 00 38 262

Roadside Assistance 0861 7623 99 or 083 792 0305

Tourism Policy

Emergency Medical Assistance services - 087 135 3952/083 300 3927

24 Hour Intervention Services – 0861 083 272


Hospitality & Leisure

One Loyalty & H&L Emergency & Lifestyle Benefits – 0861 227 627


Roadside assist

0860 200 002

• Emergency towing and storage following claim event and the client has contacted HELP or Echelon directly to arrange towing – reasonable costs

• Emergency towing and storage following claim event and the client has arranged his own towing and storage – up to R7 500.00

• Emergency towing and storage following mechanical & electrical breakdown – up to R2 500.00


Supacare Roadside Assistance

0861 7623 99 or 083 792 0305.

Supacare Tow in

Swift care – 0860 247 365

• Costs to tow and store the vehicle after an accident if you do not use our approved service provider – R2 500.00

• Towing costs through swift care – Reasonable costs

• Mechanical Breakdown – R1 000.00


Assist Line

0861 000 652 / 083 789 0417

• Towed to the nearest approved Panelbeater/dealer

• 100km roundtrip after that R6.00 ex VAT charged per km


Roadside assist

0861 000 682

Tow-in service to the nearest approved dealership (if under warranty), repair centre or Panelbeater in the event of:

• Mechanical breakdown – covered up to R750.00

• Electrical breakdown – covered up to R750.00

• Accident damage – cost covered to the nearest approved Panelbeater up to a limit of R2 300.00


Supacare Roadside Assistance

0861 7623 99 or 083 792 0305

Supacare Tow in

086 000 1121

Bryte Insurance Company Limited have appointed FIRST ASSIST MANAGEMENT (FAM) as their towing incident service provider.

In the unfortunate event of an accident please contact 086 000 1121 to arrange for an accident tow in. FAM will then tow your vehicle to a Bryte Approved Repairer. This streamlines things and makes it much easier for you, the client. The cost of any towing, not arranged through FAM, will be limited to R2 100.00 excluding Vat.

If you are unable to contact FAM and are towed by another provider, please contact us as soon as possible with all the relevant details of where your vehicle has been towed to so that arrangements can be made to have this vehicle released and towed to an approved repairer.


Emergency Contact Number

0861 448 448