Prostate cancer helped me realise the true meaning of financial freedom

Ray Heylen, Liberty MD for Execution & Adviser Experience, shares his personal journey with prostate cancer.   How long has Liberty been a part of your life? I’ve been at Liberty for 37 years. In 1981, I started working as a New Business Clerk in Durban where we used to see and talk to Donald […]

Are you downplaying the likely cost of healthcare in your retirement?

People saving for retirement often overlook impact of future healthcare costs on income they need for other necessities, says Andre Lindeque, a consultant at wealth and financial advisory firm GTC. He says when calculating retirement projections, consumers must ensure they have taken into account exactly what will be needed to provide for medical aid increases […]

6 important elements every financial plan should have

Any financial plan needs to be a “living, breathing” plan – it needs to be fluid and flexible, just like life, says Daphne Rampersad of investment planning at Liberty. In her view, one needs a “full-circle” understanding of what your financial plan is. She lists 6 important features a financial plan should have: Budgeting or […]