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Do you or anyone in your family need a Will?

At Success Brokers we’re dedicated to forging a legacy for ourselves and our clients and would like to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of before the unexpected occurs.

Ask Yourself

    1. Do you have a VALID Last Will and Testament?

    2. Does everyone in your family have a will and is it SAFE and CORRECT?

Professional Services Offered:

    • Drafting and/or updating your Last Will and Testament

    • Provision for immediate cost related to the loss of a loved one (within 48hrs)

    • Protection against the Legal fees within the Estate

    • Full safe custody services

Things to look out for in a Will:

    • Is your will aligned to your estate plan and to your estate liquidity needs?

    • Has the right people witnessed your will?

    • Is it an original will?

    • Has the testator signed where needed?

    • Are all the clauses up to date, and have you added all your loved ones?

Will and estate planning are essential to making sure your loved ones are taken care of when you pass.

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