Don’t forget to insure that special item!

It is that special time of year where we are spoiled with gifts from end year functions, Christmas gifts, and don’t forget that Valentine’s day is just over two months away. It is important to insure those special items the right way and we have just the right specialist team to assist you with your insurance needs.

Here are some basic things to consider:

    • Ipads, cellphones, laptops or jewellery which are taken out of the house should be specified on your insurance.

    • Sports equipment, like a bicycle or golf set should also be listed.

    • Always lock away all items in your motor vehicle’s boot and don’t leave them on the backseat as the insurance companies will not pay for negligent behaviour.

    • Don’t leave new packaging or gift wrapping outside your house or in a public bin as this can attract unwanted attention.

    • Don’t put photos on social media of your expensive jewellery or brand-new car for everyone to see at this might open you up for unwanted attention as well.

    • Insure your new and valuable items immediately, as something can happen to them while you are on holiday. Insure them before the item gets wrapped as gifts can often be stolen from your home under the Christmas tree.

    • Make sure you have a valuation certificate for your jewellery items as well as proof of purchase and photos on any items you are insuring.

    • If you are travelling, we suggest your increase you unspecified all risks, we can assist you with this need

    • Remember to activate your alarm and inform your security company to be extra vigilant as you are away.

    • With load shedding and lightning season upon us, remember to unplug and switch off all electric appliances and your geyser. We recommend you install a serge protection device on your DB board.


Travel safe and enjoy the festive period.
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